Monday, December 7, 2009

Welcome to Earth One

DC's Source Blog has just released info on an upcoming series featuring all new, original stories with Batman and Superman in graphic novel form from the biggest creators in the industry. And don't get it twisted, Gotham-ites, these are not one shot stories, but rather a whole new ongoing series of graphic novels set in a new continuity on a new Earth.

The Source Blog reports:

Starting next year, DC Comics will unveil SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE and BATMAN: EARTH ONE, two graphic novels spotlighting the most powerful heroes of the DC Universe, with their first years and earliest moments retold in a standalone, original graphic novel format, on a new earth with an all-new continuity.

Return to Smallville and experience the journey of Earth’s greatest adopted son, as he grows from boy to Superman in SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE by J. Michael Straczynski and artist Shane Davis.

Watch from the darkest corners of Crime Alley as a young boy is struck by unbelievable tragedy that will forge the greatest crime-fighter to ever stalk the rooftops of Gotham City in BATMAN: EARTH ONE, by writer Geoff Johns and artist Gary Frank.

What does JMS have to say? Well, here’s a snippet from his first interview on the subject:

“What I’m trying to do is to dig in to the character and look at him through modern eyes. If you were to create the Superman story today, for the first time, but keep intact all that works, what would it look like?”

“It is monumental for us as comic readers to see Superman birthed for the first time,” Davis said. “It’s a privilege to realize that you’re the artist that gets to draw it, better yet having the luxury to do it in an original graphic novel. This is going to be epic!”

What about Geoff Johns? Well, we happen to have a bit from his first interview as well:

“BATMAN: EARTH ONE allows Gary and I to break the restraints of any continuity and focus on two things: character and story.”

Artist Shane Davis spoke to Newsarama here

Gary Frank is one of my favorite artists working in comics today and the idea of Original Graphic Novels intrigues me. I'm on board, how about you?

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