Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gotham Central #120

We talk comics! Batman related comics to be exact. Reviews and a pull list are what  you'll find in this episode. Also, in our ongoing quest, we finally figure out in what universe Batman Beyond is set!

Gotham Central #119

In this week's episode, Hunter does a horrible Christopher Walken impersonation, while Tim gets nostalgic!

Also, we talk the DC Relaunch to death, as well as answer ALL of you questions! Even the one from @Geektress!

Listen close, this is all discussion!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Gotham Central #118

Gotham Central #118 AKA "DOOMSDAY"

Here's the episode where we whine for 40 minutes about Post-Flashpoint DCU! YAY! Also, we talk Gotham City Sirens and Detective Comics, and mention the books for June 1, 2011, but who cares about that!?

This is a sort of special episode, so there are no listener questions or segments where we talk about what we read or bought. That's right! 100% moaning! WOOO!

Come hate with us!