Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Gotham Central #118

Gotham Central #118 AKA "DOOMSDAY"

Here's the episode where we whine for 40 minutes about Post-Flashpoint DCU! YAY! Also, we talk Gotham City Sirens and Detective Comics, and mention the books for June 1, 2011, but who cares about that!?

This is a sort of special episode, so there are no listener questions or segments where we talk about what we read or bought. That's right! 100% moaning! WOOO!

Come hate with us!


  1. Im going to miss Batgirl and Batman Inc and other DC titles but every month DC is bleeding comic buyers. Ive been buying comics for almost 30 years but I know we are not enough to keep the industry going. And all the comics I read do not disappear because of a reboot. I still read and enjoyed those stories.