Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gotham Central #119

In this week's episode, Hunter does a horrible Christopher Walken impersonation, while Tim gets nostalgic!

Also, we talk the DC Relaunch to death, as well as answer ALL of you questions! Even the one from @Geektress!

Listen close, this is all discussion!

Ask The Question:

What is your favorite episode of Batman: The Animated Series?
What do you think of the Burton/Schumacher films?
What family of bats do you prefer? Microbats or Megabats?
What do you think about Teen Titans now that Scott Lobdell has talked about it on Bleeding Cool? Will you be reading it?
Why is Batman the biggest wuss in the DCU?
What side characters do you hope make the relaunch?
How do you feel about JSA not getting a title? Batman was a founding member, after all.


Video Game Updates (Gotham City Imposters, Arkham City)
The Dark Knight Rises Updates
DC Relaunch

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