Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Red Hood Fans Have Much To Rejoice About

Its a good time to be a Red Hood fan.

Writer Judd Winick and artist Pablo Raimondi will be revealing untold details about the Red Hood in June, with the debut of Red Hood: The Lost Days, a six-issue mini-series. It’s the tale of an angry young man’s transformation into a deadly villain.

Winick spoke to DC’s Source Blog about the upcoming mini:

“I’m thrilled to return to this character, and it’s both a joy and challenge to tackle this new story. LOST DAYS tracks the time from the Red Hood’s rebirth to his return to Gotham. In it, we get to understand this anti-hero in a new way. I think it explains both how he’s sympathetic, and an unrepentant monster. He’s a wonderfully complex character, and I hope this adds some even greater depth to his mythology.”

The series will begin shipping prior to the arrival of the animated Batman: Under The Red Hood DVD arriving in stores this summer. The next entry in the popular ongoing series of DC UNIVERSE Animated Original PG-13 films showcases Batman confronting new enemies, old foes and painful memories as a powerful vigilante with a penchant for violence comes to Gotham to stake his claim on the city.

Winick gave his thoughts on the upcoming DVD:

“I can barely describe the fun and terror that went into adapting two years worth of story into one film, but the results will be something that will knock everyone on their cans. I couldn’t be prouder, and I’m itching for everyone to get a look.”

Source: DC Source Blog

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