Sunday, September 5, 2010

The 13 Worst Batman Costumes of 2010

Hello Gothamites,

After intense research scouring the deep, dark corners of the Internet, I have uncovered the dark side of Halloween costumes. Listed below are the highlights low lights of the available Batman related Halloween costumes of 2010. I don't want to take this time to lampoon kids, so the majority of these are adult themed, which adds a whole different level of weird to these costumes.

1. The Cowl: For  a mere $3.60 from Halloween Costumes 4 U, you too can look like a psychopath! With what looks like paper mache wrapped with a black, this fine Halloween mask will most likely not have be able to protect your identity from the criminal element, because, if you're anything like this model, the mask won't even line up properly with your face.

2. Bat-Glasses: Check out the glasses that, according to, can be added to a Batman or Batgirl costume "to perfect your superhero look". Now, I don't know about you, but I don't recall anyone at wearing glasses like these, except for maybe Thomas Wayne.. or Dr. Hurt.

3. The Big Joker: A couple of years ago, Heath Ledger's take on The Joker from The Dark Knight impressed many movie goers all across the world, so much that everyone wanted to be the character for Halloween. Unfortunately, along with that came some of the ugliest possible costumes I have ever seen. The style that Heat Ledger perfected is something that not everyone can pull off, and with this costume from Toys 'R' Us, we can see that this horrible trend isn't going anywhere.

4. The Killing Joker: Yeah, about that Joker thing.. this is going to give me nightmares. But if you want to frighten everyone on your block, and clear the kids of the street, pick this up from Halloween Costumes 4 U!

5. Blue Chested Batman: Ladies and gentlemen, Batman has become electric care of ebay.

6. Robwing: It actually looks pretty decent from afar, but whenever a costume from Joel Shumacher's Batman & Robin is riddled with fake, latex muscles, something's not right, especially when the muscles start folding like they do on the model's leg. Also, don't forget to pay attention to his, apparently, foam domino mask. And this is apparently "authentic" as described by

7. Batgirl?: Really? Seriously? What is this even supposed to be? I mean, who is this? Apparently it's supposed to be Batgirl from good ol' Joel's Batman & Robin, but I don't remember Alicia looking like this, nor do I remember the Bat Symbol appearing to almost fall off at any point. I mean, is that plastic?? Oh well, pick this up from if you want to fight crime and have your suit fall apart.

8. Batman Disaster: In the last of the Batman & Robin themed costumed, what the actual #@*%!? This costume costs almost $400 before shipping, and it seriously folds! It folds when you bend your legs! Why would someone take this road, and please ebay, remove all Batman & Robin costumes!

9. All Stitched Up: If you are going the Batman Return route, then the majority of this costume should work.. until you get to the mask. This costume, available from Halloween Costumes 4 U, is perfect for all the ladies out there whose necks are the same width as their heads, or should be fitting for ladies with no neck at all!

10. Big Man Batman: This costume is absolutely perfect for Batman wannabes who are planning to hit the hey as proven by the pajama pants available from Amazon.

11. Robin Eats His Spinach: Part Popeye, part Tim Drake, this costume available from is way too detailed on the chest and has fake arms when there isn't even muscle detail there. So, the real question is "why?", but unfortunately, there is no answer.

12. Muscle Freak Batman: This costume from is FAR too detailed. This Batsuit looks like it was costume made for Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime. While the design matches one of maybe favorite Batsuits, the horror of the Bane'd out Batman makes me want to remove my eyes with a spoon. And the fact that I found it at a place call Spicy Legs, really makes me question the person who is spending $800 on it.

This list is full of disturbing, horrifying, and demented Halloween costumes, but the one that stands out in the crowd is the epitome of the concept of terrible Batman related costumes is none other than..

13. Latex Riddler: There are literally no words that can describe my terror when I ran across this "costume" on ebay, but fortunately for you, I've posted a video in excess of 6 minutes describing the process below.


Best Costume Goes To:

The Pimptastic Joker Dog: Available from Halloween Costumes 4 U

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  1. I like the latex thing. It's a good idea. IF YOU HAVE THE BODY OF A GOD. JEEZ!