Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Gotham, Inc.-Gotham Central #101

Hello Gothamites,

More pages! New Format! New Host! The Gotham Central Podcast now features both the Reviews and Pull List! So check it out!


Young Justice: 100 page Special #1
Time Masters: Vanishing Point #4
Detective Comics #870
Bruce Wayne: The Road Home (Oracle)
Bruce Wayne: The Road Home (Ra's Al Ghul)
Teen Titans #88 (Pick of the Week!)

Pull List:

Batman and Robin #16
Batman Confidential #50
Batman/Catwoman: Follow the Money (One Shot)
Brightest Day #13
Red Hood: Lost Days #6 (of 6)
Secret Six #27
Batman: Battle for the Cowl TP
Batman and Robin: Batman vs. Robin

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