Tuesday, December 7, 2010

3 Most Anticipated Books: December 8, 2010

Every week, we make a pull list. That pull list contains everything that comes out in Gotham books, but I'm not going to lie, I don't look forward to reading all of them. There are, however, books that I don't want to miss at all.

Here are my top three books that I'm looking forward to the week of December 8, 2010.

Batgirl #16

"The 'Order of the Scythe' has drawn first blood, framing Batgirl for a crime she didn't commit. Can she outrun Gotham City's Finest long enough to prove her innocence? The birth of Batgirl's gallery of rogues begins here as 'The Lesson' continues!"

Bryan Q. Miller has yet to let down any with his Batgirl run, and I expect no more than stellar work from this wonderful writer, and as we saw with Dustin Nguyen in last month's #15, this team is most certainly worth watching. This is the second issue in Stephanie's new chapter where she starts completely breaking out on her own. Watch out for this book.

Detective Comics Annual #12


"What starts as a Batman, Inc. recruitment trip soon turns into an international incident as The Dark Knight encounters a string of bizarre murders in Paris, France. Featuring both Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson as Batman, this extra-sized spectacular guest-stars The Question and spotlights the debut of a new Bat-ally!
In part 1, Bruce, Dick and Renee Montoya are presented with a series of cryptic clues, which lead them to the underground catacombs of Paris — and the most unexpected of assassins! Continued in this month's BATMAN ANNUAL #28!"

I really enjoy the annuals, and when Renee Montoya shows up, you know it's worth reading! This will tie in with the Batman, Incorporated line, and should be a lot of fun.

Knight & Squire #3


"Cyril and Beryl have the fight of their lives on their hands when Shakespeare's most evil monarch, Richard III, returns! And he's brought with him a cloned army of all the worst Kings of England, intent on taking back the country through the use of social networking! Yes, that's the plot!"

I've really been enjoying this mini-series from British scribe Paul Cornell about little known British heroes, and I've got no reason not to look forward to this issue, and if you don't think that's the best solicitation of all time, well.. you're flat out wrong.

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