Monday, April 25, 2011

Batgirl Contest!

It's not from us, it's from our good friend over at DC Women Kicking Ass! On one of our favorite Tumblr blogs focusing on DC Women and how they kick ass, they are holding an exclusive and awesome Batgirl contest to celebrate their first year anniversary, as well as the release Batgirl: The Flood! But let's move on to what you get and what you have to do.

The Flood TPB
1st Place Winner gets:
-signed copies of Batgirl Rising, and Batgirl: The Flood trade paperbacks.
-original art from Pere Perez (I'm super jealous of whoever wins this).

2nd and 3rd Place Winner gets:
-Signed copy of The Flood
-Box of Girl Scout Cookies (I'm super jealous of whoever wins this).

There are three different ways to win, and they are:
-Send in a picture of yourself or a friend cosplaying as Stephanie Brown.
-Photobomb a picture with an issue of Batgirl, or a Steph action figure.
-Make a contribution in any amount to the Girls Scouts of America.


If you're not familiar with DC Women Kicking Ass, make sure to follow her twitter and her tumblr. page.

Thanks, and good luck!

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