Monday, May 23, 2011

Book of the Week: Batgirl - The Flood

We're trying something a little new, Gothamites, so bear with us for a moment as we introduce a new feature. The Gotham Book of The Week is a spotlight on the website that focuses on a different trade or hardcover that we want to talk about, whether it be a new release or an oldie, but goodie, it's just a way to show our love for a title.

And this week, I wanted to talk a little bit about Batgirl: The Flood trade paperback that was released last week to comic book stores, and is hitting mainstream book stores this Tuesday, May 24, 2011!

The Flood gives us the second trade in the current Batgirl volume and also starts rolling out Stephanie's role as Batgirl in a Bruce Wayne-less Gotham City. Where Batgirl Rising dealt primarily with convincing both the Batfamily and the readers that Stephanie belonged in the cape and cowl, successfully I might ad, The Flood deals with the character truly getting her hands dirty with amped up action and humor, while also introducing readers to the insanely talented Stanley "Artgerm" Lau (as seen on the cover) and the gorgeous interiors from new-to-Batgirl Pere Peréz, while also giving us some of Lee Garbett's best work. This wonderful art team is tied together wonderfully by the inimitable Bryan Q. Miller showcasing some of his best work today.

Batgirl: The Flood is a must own for any fan of comic books in general, let alone fans of The Bat. Buy this, we've made it easy, just click the link in this article, or on the top left of the site. I mean, it's less that $10 on Amazon.

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