Sunday, July 17, 2011

Gotham Central #122

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It's a week late! Tim and Hunter talk about all things Batman including what they did over the past week, reviews of comics that have come out, as well as talk about what books are coming out this week! Batman! Batman! Batman!


Batman: Year One trailer
Dark Knight Rises Teaser with Harry Potter

Batman Beyond #7
Batman and Robin #25
Flashpoint: Knight of Vengeance #2
Flashpoint #3
Secret Six #35

What We Did This Week: 
Hunter - Bought Batman: Year 100 from Purchased Catwoman on Blu-ray. Watched Batman and Robin on Blu-ray. Batman Anthology Blu-ray box set discussion. Watched Crisis on Two Earths and New Frontier on Blu-ray. Watched Biography Channel documentaries. One on Catwoman, and one on Adam West. Hollywood Treasures on SyFy.
Tim - Organized graphic novel collection. Purchased the Tony Daniel Batman: Black and White statue.
Tim and Hunter - NYCC press and attendance confirmed.

Pull List:
The All New Batman: The Brave and The Bold #9
Batgirl #23
Batman: The Dark Knight #3
Birds of Prey #14
Detective Comics #879 
Flashpoint: Frankenstein and The Creatures of The Unknown 
Red Robin #25 
Teen Titans #98 
Hush HC Unwrapped Deluxe Edition 
Batman: Bruce Wayne - The Road Home HC 
DC Comics Presents: Batman - Gotham Noir #1

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