Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gotham Central #105

Helloooo Gothamites,

Gotham, Inc. here! We're back! And on this week's episode, we go deep into Gotham City. Way deep. That's right! We talk about all the things that we've gotten for Christmas, as well talking about ALL of the Gotham books that we missed! ..pretty much, at least. That's something! It's in recap form of course.. We also talk Dark Knight Rises news, Bane, and many other topics toiling within the torrid streets of the city of Gotham!

Also, our pull list!

Reviews (Holidays):
-Batman, Inc. Recap
-Batman/Detective Annuals
-Gotham City Sirens
-Red Robin
-Knight & Squire
(Tony Daniel Batman Reprise)
-Batman: The Dark Knight
-Detective Comics
-Brightest Day
-Secret Six

Pull List (January 26, 2011):
-Action Comics #897
-Detective Comics #873
-JLA/The 99 #4 (of 6)
-Teen Titans #91
-Batman vs. The Undead TPB
-ICONS: Jim Lee Art (NYCC Exclusive)
-The Question: Pipeline TPB
-Other stuff!

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