Friday, February 4, 2011

The 7 Most Insane Events From Batman: Odyssey #6

Everyone knows that Neal Adams' Batman: Odyssey make little, to no sense, but you may not know why exactly it makes no sense. Well, it's for the benefit of those brilliant people out there that are choosing to skip this book, that we bring to you this new monthly (or whenever it decides to come out) feature that focuses on the most insane things that happen in the book. We here at at Gotham, Inc. read this book, so you don't have to.

The Cover Alone is Crazy.
In a book where every single panel is completely insane, and when the storyline makes no sense at all, it's pretty difficult not to just scan the entire book and upload it, but we were able to hammer it down to a somewhat reasonable number.

I can't really tell you what this book is about sense I really have no clue, at all, but it's completely out of character for Batman and Ra's Al Ghul is responsible for everything. That's all you need to know about this book.
Where to start? Let's go in order of appearance shall we?

1. Utility Belt: First of all, Joker is being possessed by Deadman, that should be enough, but Neal Adams take the extra step in insanity and gives us a new addition to Batman's utility belt. 

Bat Troll? Really?
In no way would I ever doubt the ability of Batman to fit anything and everything useful into his utility belt, but let's be honest.. would he actually have a holographic laptop at the ready? I wouldn't think so. Anything that he could use this for could be solved by a simple iPhone or Android device. Please.

Also, Deadman totally calls Batman a Bat-Troll, and I will be using that phrase all the time now.

2. Animal Cruelty: Batman can seem kind of like a jerk sometime, but as a dog owner, I don't think he would really do something like this, do you? 

Falcoooooon PAWNCH!
While Batman punching any and every thing in his way may not seem like something that crazy, the Bat-punch victims aren't usually perfectly fine and walking around directly after the incident. Also, they pretty much come out of nowhere.

3. Literal Rouges Gallery: We all love Batman's villains, but it's not very often that we actually see them presented as items in a Museum Gallery.

Poison Ivy is Full of Monet
Sort of cool, sort of weird, but the kicker is that not only are they all there to watch Batman get destroyed by a different villain/doctor/wtf (who is also appointed by Ra's Al Ghul because that makes sense), but this scene takes place in a hidden location under Arkham Asylum. Seriously guys, wtf is going on here?

4.  Robin's Origin: After the events of Deadman's past were explained during the fight with (Dr.) Sensei at Arkham Asylum (Deadman was murdered by the League of Assassins as a test to prove themselves worthy of Ra's Al Ghul), we are taking back to the Bat Cave to be shown an eye popping discussion between Alfred (possessed by Deadman, of course) and Bruce Wayne, and this happens..

I'm Impressed with Bruce's Teeth
Seriously, guys.. Ra's Al Ghul is responsible for everything in Neal Adams: Odyssey, and Robin's parents death? Just another test, because of course it is. And seriously, that is the craziest art I've ever seen.

5. Ra's in The Bat Cave: Ra's shows up to tell us that he's responsible for everything..

Good One, Dick. being Sensei's father?? Because of course he is..

6. Party At The Bat Cave: Okay, so I have no idea what's going, but the Batman/Huntress, whoever it is, and the simian Robin, whose name is Primus.. show up to the Bat Cave, and according to Robin, they are pretty cool. 

I Have No Idea.
But it seriously just looks like they are having a party. Primus is drinking a soda, Dick had milk earlier, and Bruce and Huntress-Batman take turns punching UBU the Man-Bat. That's what happens. Also, there's like 800 people in the Bat Cave, and no one is supposed to know where it is! ACK!

7. Batman Takes A Trip: Batman's had a long day, so he decides to take a nap before he takes a trip somewhere. He falls asleep on the floor of the Bat Cave, and yes.. this actually happens.

Batman: Always Napping
The funniest thing about this, is that next page where we get the Bat Cave Party's reaction where Alfred tells us what's going on..

I feel the same way, Boston.. too bad no one can hear you.


  1. I thank you for taking the time to read this insanity. I used to be a fan of NA's work, but honestly, he's sullying his own legendary status. I don't get it. Has he completely gone off the deep end? I think when you get that high in reputation, the only way to go is down. Unfortunately he's plummeting with this book. The art is still good for an artist, but it's not NA good. It's too cartoony for a man who is known for his realistic art. Maybe he's done commercial work for too long. I don't know. But thanks again for landing on the grenade and letting us know. It's not worth it when they pile it together into a gn.

  2. RisingFenix, I feel exactly the same way! He's just hurting himself. And my eyes.