Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Comics Tomorrow!

That's right Gothamites, tomorrow is the best day of each week, when each one of us are brought the best comics that have ever been created straight to our doorstep by the Amazing Comics-God. Wait? That doesn't happen? My parents have been lying to me ALL THESE YEARS?!?

Anyway, check out the books that are hitting shelves this week! Each with my pre-reading opinion!

First up, buy The Return of Bruce Wayne in hardcover! YEAH!!!!

Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne

Azrael #17: Please make it stop. I love David Hine, but there are very few people that can pull off Azrael in this decade, and so far those people haven't been writing it.

Batman Beyond #2: I really wish this was straight up in continuity, but it apparently lives in its own world, and that world is okay, but not great. This issue features the Justice League Beyond. I hope the series cares less about having future versions of characters and focuses on good story telling. I mean, the mini-series was "Hush Beyond". We need to get over that.

Batman Confidential #53: Honestly love this series for the most part, but I do not like this story arc, and it's a shame that the series will be ending when this story is done. RIP Confidential. Hey, that should be a new book!

Batman: Odyssey #6 (of 8,000,000): Actually really starting to enjoy how insane this book is. It makes no sense, and it is not a Batman you will recognize at all, but it's basically chronicling Neal Adams' decent into madness, and that.. is fascinating.

Brightest Day #19: I don't like this book, you guys know that. I feel like it lets us down with every chance it gets, and nothing gets accomplished. That is all, I can't wait for it to end.

DCU Online Legacies #1: I really don't want to read this. Don't make me!

Gotham City Sirens #19: I started out really loving this series. It reminded me so much of the animated series, and that was mainly due to Paul Dini's presence, but it's changed creative teams many times, and I feel like the book has a lost a lot of its core charm. It hasn't been cancelled yet, and the potential for the book still stands high, so hopefully someone will get it back on its feet, but that's not going to happen with this storyline.

Secret Six #30: I have no doubt that this will be my pick of the week. Gail Simone's Secret Six stays strong all the time, so there's no doubt that this 2 part team up with The Doom Patrol is going to be one of my favorites. This is part one, by the way, and it features one of our favorite web personalities, Ms. Harley Quinn Aid!

Time Masters: Vanishing Point #6 (of 6): Yeah.. Flashpoint.

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