Saturday, April 3, 2010

Back Issue Review: Robin #34

Writer: Chuck Dixon

Pencils: Jennifer Graves

Inks: John Dell

Colors: Adrienne Roy

Letters: Tim Harkins

"Situations and Comedies" is a look into a night in the life of Tim Drake, aka Robin, as he is out with a group of his friends watching a park performance of "Macbeth at the Beach". Tim leaves his friends for a little while when his friends get into an argument over the validity of updating or adapting classic works of theatre. While Tim agrees, he still gets frustrated with the argument and steps away for some peace and quiet when he stumbles upon a young thug who is picking a fight with another young man who he claims, "looked at his girl". As any good hero would, Tim breaks up the scuffle when he is spotted by Helena Bertinelli aka The Huntress while she is at the play with a group of her students, and she threatens to report Tim to his principal if he keeps up his fighting ways.

After the encounter with Ms. Bertinelli, Tim spots a car of hoodlums that are preparing to rob the concession stand at the outdoor theatre. Tim eventually suits up and saves the day with a little help from an non-costumed Huntress who takes down the last foe.

If I could sum this issue up with one word, that word would be "fun"

Dixon does a fine job with this issue by integrating the massively hilarious "Macbeth at the Beach" play, which is simply a bunch of surfers performing Macbeth in a beach setting, with some great action and heroics at the hands of Robin and Huntress. The art is in a very "cartoony" style, not gritty like most of Gotham City, but it holds true to the fun nature of this issue. Dixon obviously has a grasp on the nature of Tim Drake in these years, as Tim was one of the more fun-loving Robins that was still a true blue hero, and I really enjoyed the interaction with Tim and his friends. The situation to be in was a bit on the ridiculous side, but it was still an entertaining issue that provided some great action and humor while not seeming unrealistic. It's not a life changing comic, but it's definitely a good, solid read.

This issue is a one and done issue that doesn't rely on any deep knowledge of the Bat Universe and doesn't tie in to anything, so it is a very quick read and you can pick it up at your leisure. A very good read, and I'd recommend any fans of a solid comic for a fun read.

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