Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Search For Batman Begins In 'Vanishing Point'

DC’s Source Blog has some new information on the upcoming Time Masters: Vanishing Point #1 which is launching “The Search for Batman.”

This six-issue mini-series, a companion piece to Batman: The Return Of Bruce Wayne and a story chock full of clues that point toward the next major DCU event, hits in July from writer artist Dan Jurgens with a variant cover by Chris Sprouse and Karl Story (the artists on Batman: The Return Of Bruce Wayne #1).

Time Master editor Mike Carlin gave more info on the new series:

“It’s been a while since Dan Jurgens and I worked on his introduction of Vanishing Point into the DC Universe— but what’s a “while” to a coupla experienced time travelers like us! When Dan introduced Waverider and the Linear Men to SUPERMAN it was only a matter of time (sorry!) before Rip Hunter would be revealed to be a major player at the end of time. And now with the time-stream changing disappearance of Batman it’s about time (sorry, again!) that DC’s Time Masters took the search into their own hands! Add Booster Gold to the mix and the Time Masters just might have to deal with a detour or two— all the while hoping to find Batman before time unravels from Vanishing Point back to the big bang!”

Exciting news Gothamites!

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