Saturday, April 3, 2010

Greg Rucka Leaves DC Comics

Well guys, I don't know how to approach this, really, so I'll just say it. Greg Rucka is no longer writing for DC Comics to further his own creator owned projects.

I would like to say, first, that I am extremely happy for him because I know like many others that doing what you love and being creative in your own right gives you complete freedom, and that is the key to happiness, so we here at the Gotham Central Podcast would like to wish Mr. Rucka the best with all of his future endeavors.

But can I be selfish for a minute? Greg Rucka was responsible for some of the best stuff that has come out of Gotham City for quite a while. He was the writer on No Man's Land, a fantastic run on Detective with Batman, the re-imagining of Batwoman in 52 and Detective Comics, he was a writer on Gotham Central and also wrote one of the stories on the Batman: Gotham Knight animated feature. We are losing a HUGE asset to both DC and Gotham City and his presence will be severely missed. I know Justin and I, as well as the extended Gotham Podcast family truly loved his work and we are desperately sad to see him go. Greg Rucka and J.H. Williams III won a GLAAD award for their outstanding portrayal of Kate Kane in Detective Comics, and I seriously doubt that we will see anything like that for a long time.

So, Greg, if you see this, we will desperately miss you and your love for Gotham City, but we want to wish you the best and we look forward to more Queen & Country, Stumptown, and other projects.

Thank you so much for everything you have given us.

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