Friday, April 2, 2010

Neal Adams On Batman: Odyssey

DC’s Source Blog is reporting today that legendary comic book creator Neal Adams will be returning to Batman in 2010.

BATMAN: ODYSSEY will be a 12-part mini-series coming in July. This series marks a return to the character that Adams helped redefine. When I normally think of classic Batman art, Adams’ name is the first that comes to mind.

Synopsis of Odyssey courtesy of DC’s Source Blog:

ODYSSEY finds Batman facing a series of seemingly unrelated challenges, villains and allies, old and new, that push him to his limits as never before. The battles get more intense and, in turn, more deadly, The Dark Knight Detective discovers that there might be an over-arching force behind his troubles. And if this is so, if there is a dark and mysterious matrix being super-imposed over Batman’s life… what sort of life-changing voyage must he go on to free himself from this powerful and insidious direction?

Adams will be heaivly involved with the series, writing and penciling the entire series, while also inking the first two issues.

For more Neal Adams goodness, check out CBR’s extended talk with Adams as well.

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