Sunday, February 21, 2010

Back Issue Review: Batman #666

Writer: Grant Morrison

Pencils: Andy Kubert

Inker: Jesse Delperdang

In the future, Gotham City is in its Darkest days, the first Batman has died, and his son, Damian, has taken his place. Damian Wayne is the Batman that no other Batman could be, a murdering vigilante. Commissioner Barbara Gordon is on his trail, and has a strong sense of vengeance to take out on Damian, for the murder of Batman.

In Batman #666, Damian Wayne is hot on the trail of 5 crime bosses who have been reeking havoc on Gotham City, but the ones that we are introduced to are Professor Pyg and Flamingo, but with Professor Pyg's genetic alterations on the citizens of Gotham, Damian must stop the madness, while killing some of Pyg's mutated monsters, Commissioner Gordon corners Batman, but he escapes and we learn the religious implications of the crimes that have been committed. All of these crime bosses are serving the will of the supposed son of Satan. A man who cloaks himself in the cape and cowl of a man he refers to as one of his fathers, Batman. During the fight with the self proclaimed Anti-Christ, Damian Wayne claims that he has made a pact with Satan, the survival of Gotham City in exchange for his soul.

I've read this issue before, but after reading the run of Batman & Robin featuring Dick Grayson as Batman and Damian Wayne as Robin, I appreciate this issue tenfold. Grant Morrison laid the foundation in #666 for Gotham City books for the foreseeable future. This is easily one of my favorite issues of Batman of all time, especially after the recent events in the DC Universe. And Andy Kubert is simply a legendary artist on Batman and whenever he does the pencils for any Gotham book, it is promised to be absolutely amazing, and this is no exception.

I strongly suggest anyone who has read Battle for The Cowl and Batman & Robin to go back and read #666 as soon as possible.


  1. Complete agreement. Amazing issue. My only concern with it is the issue shows Bruce dead at what appears to be a young age since Damien looks so young still. I hope that's just an artistic choice more than what's to come.