Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Batman: The Brave and the Bold.....THE VIDEO GAME!

It didn't take long after the announcement of Rocksteady's acquisition for WBIE to reveal the next Batman game. Funny, since the next Batman game has nothing to do with Rocksteady and probably won't be anything like Arkham Asylum. It's being made by A Boy and His Blob/Contra 4/Shantae developer WayForward. The publisher announced a Wii and DS game coming this fall based on the comedic Batman: The Brave and the Bold cartoon. The cooperative game will allow a second player to control another DC Comics hero, from a group including the Blue Beetle, Green Lantern, Robin, and Aquaman. Plastic Man also appears on the box art and the splash image for the game’s website. Connecting the DS version to the Wii version will allow a friend to use the DS to control the 5th Dimensional fanboy Bat-Mite in the Wii game.

I might give this game a rent, but no purchase for me. Not even Bat-Mite could get me to buy. How about you? Are you interested in a Brave and The Bold game?

Source: Joystiq

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  1. The appearance of Bat-Mite will make me get this game and a DS