Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Warner Bros. acquires Batman dev Rocksteady Studios

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group has announced its purchase of a majority stake in Rocksteady Studios, the developer responsible for one of the best games of last year (and without a doubt the best Batman game of all time) Batman: Arkham Asylum which gained critical praise and sales success (shipped over three million copies).

Jamie Walker, studio director of Rocksteady Games, expressed pride in the deal -- the cost of which has not been disclosed. "We are proud to strengthen our association with WBIE, a world class publisher that we have enjoyed working with since we began developing Batman: Arkham Asylum," he said. In addition, games director Sefton Hill noted, "The Rocksteady team is very much looking forward to creating more great games based on widely recognized Warner Bros. brands like Batman.”

Square Enix Europe (Eidos) has confirmed that it still retains a 25.1 percent stake in Rocksteady.

I just hope this doesn’t affect the untitled Arkham Asylum sequel in the works. What are your thoughts on the deal?

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  1. As long as I still get an amazing Batman game, I'm ok with this. Maybe this'll mean Rocksteady is going to make more kickass hero games...