Saturday, February 27, 2010

Back Issue Review: Batman The Brave and the Bold "Legends of the Dark Mite"

I know, typically, the "Back Issue Review" deals specifically with single issue comic books, but we'll be expanding that to all forms of media, so today, I will be covering Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

"Legends of the Dark Mite" starts with a short segment of Catman trying to sell a rare tiger to some criminals, when Batman comes to save the day with trusty sidekick, Ace the Bathound. That's right, Ace the Bathound. This episode starts off with a segment featuring Ace the Bathound treeing Catman so he is stuck, waiting for the authorities. Just take a second, drink that in.

Ready to continue? Good.

After featuring Ace the Bathound in the beginning, it comes as no surprise that the featured guest on this episode of Brave and The Bold features that other member of Batfamily, the imp from the 5th Dimension, Batmite. Batman runs in to Batman after a scuffle with some run of the mill criminals, and Batmite intervenes and makes things harder for Batman, just so Batman can prove how awesome he is.

Batmite ultimately shows himself and the fourth wall is completely broken when he describes himself as Batman's biggest fan. Batmite wants to prove how much he adores The Caped Crusader, but this ultimately ends as obsession and criticisms of Batmite's character after he changes Batman's appearance to forms ranging from the 60's Adam West Batman, described as "too campy", to Frank Miller's interpretation of Batman, described as "too psycho" (a hilarious nod to us hardcore Batman fans) as well as making Calendar Man in to a serious villain that has the ability to destroy Gotham.

After defeating Calendar Man's evil incarnations of villainous holiday icons, Batman shows his disdain for the crazed 5th Dimension Batmite, and Batmite goes off the wall and tries to destroy The Dark Knight.

Overall, this episode definitely has stuff for the kids, but mostly has easter eggs laid out for all of the hardcore Batman fans. It breaks the fourth wall by going to a 5th Dimension comic book convention and gives reasoning for the version of Batman we see in Batman: The Brave and The Bold, features members of the Batfamily that most don't either acknowledge or appreciate, but still uses them in a clever, humorous way. Out of all episodes of Batman: Brave and the Bold, this episode and The Super-Batman of Planet X are my favorites, and I definitely suggest giving this a watch.

And if anyone out there has not seen Zebraman, check it out as well, there are a lot of references to him, as well.

Live the dream, big shot!

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  1. I actually really did this animated version of the adam west costume. i'd like to see more of it

  2. Name some favorite issues based only on the graphics.