Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Contributor Profile: Tim Gannon

Name: Tim Gannon

Bat-Book: Batman: The Long Halloween

Favorite TV Series: Justice League Unlimited

Favorite Live Action Movie: Batman (1989)

Favorite Animated Movie: Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (unrated)

Favorite Theme: Any of the Danny Elfman scores. I particularly enjoy 1989's “Descent into Mystery” and the opening to Batman Returns.

Favorite Gotham Hero, other than Batman: Batgirl (Stephanie Brown that is. I do love Barbara Gordon, but she's Oracle now...duh.)

Favorite Villain: Depends on my mood. Today it's Black Mask (the original).

What got you in to Batman?: I can't honestly remember NOT being a Batman fan. I suppose it all started when I was growing up and I used to watch Batman (1960s) with my older brother and father. My brother and I would then go out into the backyard and play “Batman & Robin” (to this day, I'm still don't get to play Batman...). After that, the usual following of Batman: The Animated Series, so on and so forth. I do distinctly remember not being allowed to go see Batman Returns in theatres because my aunt said it was “gross and too scary”...I still haven't forgiven her to this day. As for the comic end, I always picked up Batman comics here and there thanks to my own mother's love of the character (she grew up reading the comics. Then she gave them away. She's another one I haven't forgiven yet). Once my mother stopped getting some books for me, I began picking up graphic novels on my own (my first being Long Halloween, followed by No Man's Land). Eventually I turned over to weekly books and I've been around ever since.

Personal Website: Thought Bubble Audio

Twitter: mr_gentleman

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