Monday, July 5, 2010

Birds of Prey: Original Opening

I don't remember watching Birds of Prey as it aired back in 2002, but over the Fourth of July weekend, I spent my time watching the show on DVD, and one of my main issues with the show was the hilarious opening sequence with the song "Remedy". There's nothing wrong with the song, it just made it seem like a really sensitive show that was about girls bonding as opposed to the ass-kicking-DC women show that it should have felt like.

Well, thanks to friend of the show, Bryan Q. Miller, I learned that this song wasn't the original series opener, and that there were clearance issues concerning the DVD release. And I've gotta say, the original series opener is so much better and appropriate for the show's feel, and it's a shame that we don't get what the creators intended.

Here is the original opening of the show, a song called "I'd Start a Revolution" by Aimee Allen.

Also, something else that is left out of the DVD release is the finale fight scene set to "All The Things She Said" by t.A.T.u., so check out the original finale fight below.

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  1. Dina Meyer was a damn good Barbara Gordon.