Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Upcoming (Beautiful) Variants

Good evening Gothamites,

Late Wednesday afternoon, DC's The Source Blog posted a variety of upcoming variant covers including everything from Justice League: Generation Lost and Green Lantern to Justice League proper and The Widening Gyre (it returns!). So check out the Batvariants below, and check The Source for the rest!

Batman gets surrounded by Alan Scott constructs in the variant for Justice League #47. Based on the cover, this issue looks to be picking up exactly where the last issue left off, with Batman (Dick Grayson) on the moon read to face Alan Scott and his Starheart powered self-constructs. This cover is penciled by Alex Garner.

Up next, we see Silver St. Cloud adorned in the cape and cowl of The Batman, Bruce Wayne. This is the variant cover to Kevin Smith's 6th issue of The Widening Gyre. I cannot wait to read this issue, and the cover is definitely a contender for my cover of the year.

But what do you guys think? Which is your favorite? And are you looking forward to either of these issues?

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