Saturday, August 14, 2010

Batman Beyond: Complete Series Preorder

Hey Gotham, just wanted to drop in and give you a tidbit of information, has the preorder status up for the upcoming release of the complete Batman Beyond Animated Series. It's currently listed at $91.49 for the 8 disc set collecting all of the previously released seasons on DVD, but as a little side note, a couple of weeks ago, I saw it for around $70, but Amazon will always give you the lowest listed price between your order date and the release date, so it'll be a good deal no matter what.
Street date for this series is November 23, 2010, so this gives you plenty of time to gather the money, or put it on your wish list, just don't miss out because these complete series sets don't stick around forever, and when they go out of print the price sky rockets. So get it while you can!

So, go ahead and pre-order through us here, if you'd like, because we'd appreciate that! Plus, you know this series is totally schway.

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