Sunday, August 29, 2010

Con News

With Baltimore Comic Con and Fan Expo wrapping up this weekend, DC has thrown a whirlwind of news tidbits at us. I've posted three links to the articles that should hold interest to you. I will tease these few things:

1. Ongoing Batman Beyond series

2. “I’m going to give away a little secret: [Dick] was going to go back to Nightwing pretty quick, but that reaction that we’ve seen kept him in the costume longer -- and will see him there in the future. He’s not coming out anytime soon just because Bruce Wayne is coming back,” DiDio said.

3. What about “Gotham Central?” Sattler said DC is “working on something that will fill that niche.”

Click the links for all the stories!

BCC: DC Nation
Fan Expo: DC Universe
Fan Expo: DC Nation

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