Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Panel of the Week: August 25, 2010

Panel of The Week features the single panel that stands out head and shoulders above all other panels. The panel of the week is based on great art, strong determination, intense action, bravery, and above all else, exemplify the qualities of a super hero. The Panel of the Week exemplifies the character at hand, and that's arguably the most important aspect of all. So without further ado, the panel of the week is...
Superman/Batman #75: Writer/Artist - David Finch

Set in the future, Connor Kent (Superman) and Damian Wayne (Batman) discuss their reasons for stepping into the roles of their mentors.

Hit the jump for the runners up!
Batman #702: Tony Daniel (Artist), Grant Morrison (Writer)

In their follow up to Final Crisis and Batman: RIP, Daniel and Morrison break down Batman into three words. Amazing.

Superman/Batman #75: Francis Manapul (Artist), J.T. Krul (Writer)

Superman/Batman #75 had several amazing panels, but this one discussing the moral implications of telling the truth when you know it would hurt a person you truly care about stands out as an important message in comparison to several fantastic panels.

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