Sunday, August 22, 2010

Panel of the Week: August 18, 2010

Panel of The Week features the single panel that stands out head and shoulders above all other panels. The panel of the week is based on great art, strong determination, intense action, bravery, and above all else, exemplify the qualities of a super hero. This week's comics didn't feature a lot of heroics, but there were some panels that exemplified the character at hand, and that's arguably the most important aspect of all. So without further ado, the panel of the week is...

Justice Society of America #42: 
Mark Bagley/Norm Rapmund (Art), James Robinson (Writer)

Faced with certain doom at the hands of a possessed Alan Scott, Batman (Dick Grayson) lets cooler heads prevail and takes control of the situation by standing firm as leader, and commanding the troops into battle.

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Azrael #11: Guillem March (Art), David Hine (Writer)

After being put into a situation that turns Michael Lane's moral life on its head, he puts his differences aside and places the respect of another life before his own.

Batman Beyond #3: Ryan Benjamin, John Stanisci (Art), Adam Beechen (Writer)

Not so much an action or heroic panel, this panel pulls from the history of the animated Return of the Joker film which centered around the possession of Tim Drake by the spirit of The Joker, a really cool throw back. Also, another cool throwback to the Batman Beyond animated series is...

My personal favorite panel of the week is inspired by the greatest opening sequence of all time! The club sequence is Batman Beyond was either the most ridiculous or most awesome sequences ever with red and blue color tones pulsating to the sound of techno while the young kids of the future dance their hearts out!

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