Monday, August 16, 2010

Deals From Another World: Batgirl Nick & Dents

Are you guys missing Cassandra Cain as much as I am? Well, there's no news about her returning, as far as I know, but the fine people at Things From Another World have some great Batgirl books in their Nick & Dent section for an insanely high discount. 50% off on each!

Check the jump for more deals.

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  1. Not missing Cassandra whatsoever. To me she was always a "Mary Sue" character. Created simply to be "awesome" instead of being an intriguing character within an incredible environment that would lead to incredible stories. I was never huge on Stephanie Brown as Spoiler or Robin, but I've enjoyed her 12 issues as Batgirl more than the collective Batgirl stories I've read. Make Cassandra a student of Shiva or Shado. Hell, Chesire could use a daughter figure these days. Any of those situations would be a lot more interesting than the over-the-top stories we've gotten from CC in the past. Here's hoping that whatever Gail Simone wants to do with the character is better than what's been done with the character.