Thursday, August 19, 2010

Batman "Steals" a Taco

Okay, so this video below has been making it's rounds across the Internet, and although it may seem like Batman is robbing a Taco Bell, there are some key things that people are neglecting about this event. And Gothamites, you can see those details after the jump.

Okay, so everyone is questioning Batman for his actions here, and on the surface, yes, there's no way Batman would ever steal a taco, let alone from a fast food joint. The Batman has fine taste in food, and would not settle for cheap, imitation Tex Mex. No, it's not possible.

Here's the thing that is not making the news. There have been a recent string of illnesses associated with Taco Bells across the entire country. And after deep analysis, it has been found that there have actually been traces of fear toxin within the lettuce.

These are killer tacos, folks. The guy who ordered the food might have been upset that he didn't get his food, but he should be sending The Dark Knight a thank you note that he's not curled up on the floor board of his SUV thinking that he's covered in snakes, crying about how Billy McIntyre stole his lunch money in second grade!

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