Monday, August 16, 2010

Coolest November Solication Covers

I love new solicitation day. The hints of what's to come...the cool covers...I love it all. Every month, I take a look at the new covers and go "WOW THAT'S AWESOME!!" Today, here are the three Batman related covers that just made my eyes pop.

Titans #29. Deathstroke versus Batman (Dick Grayson). Classic showdown of epicness.

Teen Titans #89. Damian joins the Titans. This cover sums up why I love Damian so much. Between his calculating smirk and the aprehension on all of the Titans faces, this looks to be a very promising read.

Red Robin #17 just pops for me. It could be that Tim Drake is one of my favorite characters, or that I love Marcus To's art, or that I just re-read Robin from the O.Y.L jump until Red Robin so Lynx is on my brain. Regardless of the reasoning, if this cover is any indication, Tim's love life is about to get a whole lot messier. And that doesn't include Steph or Tam. Oh Tim...

Bane riding a dinosaur on the cover of Secret Six #27. Do I really need to explain why this cover is so awesome? Yeah, I didn't think so. Oh, and I do know Secret Six isn't technically Batman, but Bane is part of the Bat Rogue's Gallery, so I think it counts.

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