Saturday, August 14, 2010

Batwoman Returns to Gotham

It's about effing time.

On Friday, The Source posted some news that everyone here at the Gotham Central Podcast, and all our associates, have been dying to hear. Batwoman, Kate Kane herself, is BACK!

Batwoman #0 is set to be a tie between Greg Rucka's Detective Comics recent run and the upcoming ongoing series penned by J. H. Williams, III. But he's not the only one, writer W. Haden Blackburn and artist Amy Reeder will be lending their support to the title, and if the Amy Reeder variant (shown above) for Batwoman #0 is any indication of how she's views Batwoman, we'll be in damn good hands.

I'm dying to read this as soon as I can, but we'll have to be patient, as the ongoing doesn't kick off until February 2011. Honestly, it's great that they are taking their time on this book, but it's a crime against humanity that we haven't been able to read monthly Batwoman stories for some time now.

This will be the follow up to the recent Detective Comics run, of which the first arc is collected in hardcover format, in Elegy which you can pick up from Amazon for only $16.49, so GET THAT NOW!

Batwoman #0 hits store shelves in November, how excited are you?

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